Slots Angel Review

Slots Angel Casino LogoThe vast majority of recent online gaming websites tend to lure customers in with more than just their selection of games – they use special offers and an abundance of style to grab customers’ attention and encourage them to play. Or, at the very least, that is the normal approach. Slots Angel, while a fairly new site with having launched in 2015, lacks that oomph when it comes to appearance, and therefore first impressions aren’t good.

It isn’t that the brand fails to deliver a recognisable theme, for they have a cartoon slots machine dressed in angel wings accompanied with a heaven backdrop, but that it just looks so low quality and unfinished. For saying that Cassava Enterprises Ltd are the owners of the brand, it doesn’t feel like you’re about to game with a renowned industry provider at all. It is a recurring theme with the company, that seems to be appearing on all of their online gaming endeavors: they deliver a good selection of activities, but they package it cheaply and fail to compete with more flamboyant graphics.

All is not lost though as Slots Angel has put the effort in where it counts, and has made sure that everything is easily accessible from the homepage. What is more, they have prominently displayed both their promotions and their wide array of games, meaning that newcomers overlook them as design faults and head straight to all the benefits of signing up.

In regards to the process of becoming a member, it is a registration form that most Cassava Enterprises Ltd players will be familiar with. Although it isn’t overly taxing, it feels a lot more time consuming than it should. What is refreshing though is that you don’t have to become a member to find out exactly what you can get via promotions and rewards scheme, meaning you get a little chance to do more research before agreeing to become a Slots Angel user.


Due to having the technology of Dragonfish, 888 Gaming, and IGT powering a lot of the titles, customers can relish great graphics and excellent gameplay, which completely makes up for any issues surrounding the marketing of the Slots Angel brand. By providing various software providers and not solely one, more gaming niches are explored, which ultimately results in a better selection that appeals to a wider audience.

When you take a closer look at the games provided, you truly see just how customer focused Slots Angel has tried to be; they’ve come together with software giants to ensure that the games available are more than a series of generic reels and uninteresting graphics. They’ve wanted to make sure that their audience has all they could possibly want when it comes to playing excellent slots based activities.

As you would expect with a site aimed at slots players, there is little in the way of alternative activities, however that isn’t to say that there aren’t any at all. In an attempt to accommodate all types of gamers, there are seven games that come under the others section, and four table based titles. While this could be seen as yet another negative to add to Slots Angel’s growing collection, considering the site relies on slots to generate revenue, it’s quite good they even bothered to include titles that deviate from that objective.


Just as with its sister site Secret Slots, there is little in the means of innovative promotions, and instead it uses tried and trusted means of rewarding users. There is the staple welcome bonus of 100% and 25 free spins, only this time the freebies are for Magical Forest and not Starburst, which is a small but refreshing change.

In addition to this, there are seasonal bonuses throughout the month, and a £10 free prize for players that refer a friend; however it lacks lustre. There is a promise of more coming soon, but how long that will take, and in what form those promotions will take, no one can say and can do nothing more than speculate.

There is a loyalty scheme that delivers more interesting rewards the more you play, but there is nothing about it that is overly different than what you shall see on other Cassava Enterprises websites, the only real contrast is the names of each level of membership. And while the rewards do differ as players progress, there isn’t that much difference to what a Wings user gets when compared with an Archangel player, meaning customers may feel like they’ve been loyal for little return.


In total there are six different ways to deal with your finances once you have signed up, and all of those are payment methods you will undoubtedly have seen before, the most common of which being credit cards. Although there are a couple of alternatives to this, such as Ukash, there are no e-wallet methods currently listed, which seems rather unusual for an online gaming website.

Social Media

If you’re looking for a bustling community where you can chat to many players, and maybe even receive customer service help via social media, you will be thoroughly disappointed. Despite having both a Facebook and Twitter account, Slots Angel hasn’t actively posted since late 2015.

Overall Summary

There is no avoiding, however much we may want to, that Slots Angel falls short more than it succeeds; there is obviously potential there but it’s never fully realised. In fact, it feels like this site has been left to plod along while new websites are released elsewhere by Cassava Enterprises Ltd, and that that’s where all the energy truly lies. All in all, Slots Angel is more a gaming website you want to visit if you’re an avid online gamer who wants to experience every single domain on offer, otherwise this is something you may as well skip.