Magical Vegas Review

Magical Vegas Casino LogoWhen an online gaming website promises to deliver that Las Vegas feeling, it is always a great risk for them to do, for while it peaks interests of potential customers, it also puts pressure on the brand to live up to its pledge. Magical Vegas, brought to you by Daub Alderney Ltd, is a site that initially doesn’t appear to live up to the hype.

On the surface the casino looks flat and uninteresting, having nothing particularly unique or different to help separate it from many other sites that are just as generic as this one. The colour palette of purples and blues, offset by the simple graphics used throughout the website, do little to instill that Vegas vibe, and it definitely doesn’t make it feel magical. Although the design of a casino isn’t the be all and end all, it does go a long way to entice players to join up, so it can be argued that it’s more important than you might initially think. And while it’s refreshing to not be bombarded by cliche novelty themes that tend to be more flashy than the games themselves, their layout and overall design stills lacks impact.

Design flaws aside though, the actual substance of the brand is impressive indeed; boasting a large selection of activities, as well as a simple, no nonsense interface, this casino takes the approach that their games are what matter. It’s a bold move, and doesn’t always pay off, but in this instance their titles really do speak for themselves, and therefore override any issues regarding lack of design flare.

What is important to note for potential customers though is that, despite the varied currencies, there are a lot of country restrictions at Magical Vegas. Furthermore, with the primary (and only) language option being English, it is safe to say that UK players are the main focus of the brand’s attention. As you would then expect, the UK Gambling Commission regulates the site, and in turn is partly responsible in making your experience a pleasant but safe one.


Magical Vegas deliver a lot of games, hundreds even, and better yet they’re all of a high quality. Sometimes although you’re offered a lot of choice, the variety you’ve given is questionable at best, whereas here thanks to the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, and SG Gaming, you get good software every time. While there is no denying having a lot of well known companies associated with the brand is always a positive for customers, it isn’t something that is that unusual anymore for relatively new sites. What this means is that, although you will undoubtedly be impressed, don’t be fooled into thinking that Magical Vegas is the only brand that offers this.

Uniqueness aside, the activities section is something else; due to how daunting the all games section can be when visiting for the first time, you may prefer to browse via the individual game types. Magical Vegas provides live casino, slots, table and card games, and roulette. A lot of the titles you will have seen before, meaning that while you might not get any innovations from independent sources here, you will experience some of the best games the online casino sector has to offer at the present time.

Although each of the four sub-categories have several titles to their name, it’s the slots section that steals the show. In fact, due to how many different varieties and formats of slots that there are, gamers can opt to search the slots section by type, which can be found via a handy drop down menu at the top of the page. This helpful feature is a godsend for those who have very specific gaming interests, and are eager to bypass unnecessary information when they’re looking for a quick entertainment fix.

When you get down to the playing, Magical Vegas comes through for they provide a very detailed preview of the game, explaining what it’s about, its key features, and so on. Furthermore, they also state whom the publisher of the title is, and whether there are any unique special extras included within the game.

After you’ve brushed up on everything you need to know, you can then click to ‘try game’; it’s important to note that some devices aren’t supported by the website, and that it is optimised for the latest iOS, Android, Chrome, and Windows updates. Although this may be disheartening news for players on older devices, this note goes a long way to show the dedication Magical Vegas has in ensuring their titles run smoothly and at optimum efficiency.

Another feather in its cap is the fact that it doesn’t implore you to sign up when you browse the games selection, an element that appears to be a dying trend among online casinos. Trying before you buy, so to speak, is always a characteristic that will forever go in a brands favour, for it allows potential customers to really get a feel for the label and what it delivers.


In regards to promotional material, Magical Vegas covers all the necessary bases and provides a fine display of offers that will undoubtedly please the vast majority of users. Even though it isn’t the most extensive array you’re likely to come across, it is by no means disappointing, which again helps put to bed initial worries of the casino not living up to its name.

Although welcome bonuses are pretty standard for online casinos, young and old, this offer is very generous to its new players: not only do you receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit, but you also get 30% on your second, and 50% on your third. Even better about this package is that the brand explains how these rewards work, a feature that is virtually never seen, or certainly isn’t given the time to be explained properly. By breaking down exactly what to expect, players are more understanding of what benefits they’ll actually get when they become a member.

Fortunately the brand’s generosity doesn’t cease after you register and allocate your money; frequent players have end of the month deals to look forward to that are specific to each month, meaning there is always rewards to work towards. Alongside this, there are also smaller promotions, such as receiving points for liking their Facebook page, and 50% cashback when playing Goooal Roulette. There is a VIP specific bonus that is dependent on what level of member you are, which neatly informs newcomers of the membership that is offered by the brand.

Working your way up through the four tiers is based on loyalty, which basically means the more you play and earn LPs, the more you will progress. It is a tried and tested system that many competitors also use. The points you collect here are called ‘magical moolahs’, and can be generated by betting with £1 or over; the more you bet the greater the points return. As for what the VIP club actually offers, we genuinely cannot say for when we clicked on the page to read further, nothing loaded. This issue needs addressing in the future if Magical Vegas want to keep players interested.


Banking with Magical Vegas Casino is relatively simple thanks to their thoroughness – when you select their banking section, they not only state every payment method available, such as PayPal, but they also explain what each option involves. This characteristic is a great way of introducing novice users to the intricacies of betting online, and will in turn make their experience a lot easier. What is more, the methods are separated into deposit and withdrawals, meaning you know exactly what method covers which transaction.

In regards to the payment options given, they primarily focused upon the more popular options currently open to players: credit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, and Paysafecard.

Social Media

Briefly touched upon earlier, Magical Vegas uses social media as a means to not only connect its community, but to offer bonuses to their customers. Due to this, it will come as no surprise that the brand is very active on their Facebook platform. While this shouldn’t be that shocking, compared to the majority of brands that appear to forget their social media before too long, it is a testament to Magical Vegas for still interacting with their users on a daily basis. The same level of activity can also be seen on their Twitter and Google+ accounts.

It is worth speculating whether this continued engagement will last however, as the website is still relatively new, and therefore eager to keep interests high.

Overall Summary

What at first looks as if it’s about to miss the mark entirely, Magical Vegas proves doubters wrong and delivers exceptional entertainment. While it isn’t necessarily presented in the most polished of ways, the games and the time taken to ensure customers are satisfied far outweighs any aesthetic issues. What is more, while it remains to be seen whether it can stand the test of time, and the stagnation of the industry, it is promising that they already made a name for themselves and amassed a loyal following.