Kaboo Casino Review

Kaboo Casino LogoBetIt Operations, a company that despite still being in its infancy, has managed to gain international respect within the industry, is the owner behind the Kaboo brand. Having established the sci-fi themed casino extravaganza in 2015, the website is extremely well thought out and professionally presented. In fact, newcomers would be forgiven for mistaking the site as a demo to a big name console title rather than an online gaming platform. A factor that is further emphasised by the inclusion of an intro trailer link at the top of the screen; the contemporary marketing tool allows players to immerse themselves into a fictional world that they control. It is a powerful tactic that reels you in.

As for the layout itself, it is very minimalist with its information, and instead allows the graphics and space theme speak for themselves. Nonetheless, players can easily navigate the page without issues. One thing of note though is that new customers are only shown a brief preview of the games, and are prompted to sign up in order to access the rest; it isn’t unusual for casinos to do this, it just limits how much of the site you see before you decide to join.

If you do proceed to register, Kaboo Casino have kept their membership sign-up short and sweet, just like on its sister sites Thrills Casino and SuperLenny Casino. Once you have your account, the games take centre stage and other sections, such as your profile and promotions you can enjoy, are discreetly listed at the top of the page.


Despite being the younger of the three sites BetIt is well known for, Kaboo delivers a lot of diversity to its players, both those accessing from a computer and mobile users, although it is worth pointing out that mobile players get a greatly reduced selection. Even though your device may limit what games you can and can’t play, on the move customers can still savour 150 games, and desktop players a large 400 plus activities.

Although there is diversity to be found, there is no avoiding the obvious fact that Kaboo is all about slots; while this may appear to narrow down the target audience of the site, alternatives can still be found in the way of table games and ‘others’. Sadly though, the latter option of the two appears to still be under construction as no titles are listed here, and there is no mention of when any will be added, if at all. Still, with several table games to hand, as well as two live casino options of French Roulette and Blackjack VIP Silver 1, the vast majority of gamers should be satisfied with the overall selection.

In regards to accessibility of the games themselves, Kaboo is extremely user friendly: the games are clearly labelled, and are presented in a large colourful widget format. Furthermore, you need only click the play symbol that appears when you hover over the activity to launch the game on a new page. Newcomers who have signed up but haven’t activated their account, by inputting their date of birth, etc, will find themselves forced to do so before they can play the game. Although tedious, and oddly placed given you could have provided all this information when you created an account, it doesn’t take long to fill out the form. Kaboo try and make up for this request by labelling this part of registration as your first mission, but it doesn’t quite work.

As for the software of the titles themselves, there are a lot of familiar companies at work on the site, such as NetEnt, ThunderKick, and Play’n GO. That variation not only ensures a more varied experience for users, but it also assures them that they will be playing high quality, well known titles, instead of unknown games that lack edge.


Unsurprising to veteran casino gamers, Kaboo provides a welcome package for all new customers, however, what is different is how generous the casino is: Kaboo offers a 100% bonus on both the first and second deposit you make. What is more, you get 50 free spins on both first allocations of funds, meaning you get a total of 100 spins or Echoes as Kaboo calls them. The spins are restricted to the game Starburst, but it is a popular title so that doesn’t throw up any real issues.

Similar to how SuperLenny present their promotional material, Kaboo gives players missions rather than more obvious promos such as play ten games and get £10 free, for example. New users are given four missions to work towards, all of which are marked as level 1, and are time limited to just over three days (the countdown before the missions restart is clearly displayed). Each mission not only states what the challenge is about and what you must do to achieve it, but also a percentage bar to mark your progress.


Due to how accepting previous online casinos have been in regards to payment options, it won’t come as a shock that Kaboo Casino have adopted this approach and offer several methods.

  • Skrill: A PayPal type of payment that is largely used in the online casino industry. It is quick and easy to use, and doesn’t apply fees.
  • Credit Cards: Again, this is another popular way that users allocate their money, and players don’t have to worry about extra fees.
  • Bank Transfer: Even though this is one of the easiest ways to deposit your money, it does have a longer verification period.
  • Ukash: For this to work you need to do a couple of things, find a Ukash store, and then purchase a voucher to receive a code that can then be converted into cash.
  • Paysafecard: Similar to Ukash in both obtaining the code and in how the code into money works.
  • Neteller: An alternative to Skrill, this e-wallet essentially does exactly the same.

Social Media

Kaboo Casino has four confirmed social media outlets, which are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The first two platforms are kept relatively up-to-date, with posts a couple of times a month, whereas Instagram and YouTube are pretty quiet. In fact, their Instagram account hasn’t had a new upload since December 2015, meaning it has had months to go stale and lose followers’ interest. YouTube doesn’t fare much better, though they have only been dark on there for a month, which isn’t too bad considering Kaboo is active elsewhere.

Although it isn’t a make or break situation for the brand, the misuse or no use of social networking sites can have a huge impact on the amount of new traffic to the casino. Not to mention that having an inactive account can give off the appearance that Kaboo isn’t doing well, or simply isn’t bothered about its community.

Overall Summary

There is a lot of boxes that Kaboo Casino manages to tick, and rather effortlessly, however that isn’t to say that the site doesn’t need improvement, for it definitely does if it is to stand the test of time. The use of a novelty theme adds more fun to the casino, and does give it a uniqueness that some of its rivals miss out on, however that novelty won’t be able to sustain users forever, so the site needs to continue adapting and moving forward if it is to become a big name brand. Although by no means the best that the online casino scene has to offer, it is definitely not the worst, and will undoubtedly bring hours of fun for both new and old players.