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Welcome to the top rated casino site where we look at all the vest best online casinos, bonuses, games and promotions for UK players.

Our brief was simple and that was to find the top rated online casino for UK customers. While this didn’t seem like too big of a mission the actual work involved was far more than any of us expected.

Pretty much every game you’d find at land-based casinos is offered online, plus more. From fruit machines to poker, there are thousands of games available all spread across hundreds of different UK online casinos.

Most casinos provide hundreds of different fruit machines, all accessible from a single piece of software. That sure beats crawling pubs or books trying to find your favourite slot. UK providers make sure to include popular local features in their software, like a nudge buttons on most fruits. So even online, your slots experience won’t seem foreign at all.

If you’re more into table games, UK online casinos spread an infinite variety of them. Most every casino will offer the following games at least:

  • Roulette (European and American versions)
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Video Poker

In addition to these basics, most UK casinos offer specialty games or spin-offs of traditional table games. For example most UK-based providers have online scratch cards for you to play, similar to those you find in groceries and corner shops. You’ll also find rarities like 3-card poker, pai gow poker, and keno, depending on where you look.

One of the benefits to playing in the UK is that you have immediate access to games like Monopoly and Wolf Run slots, whereas Canadian and USA casino players do not.

Are Online Casinos Legal in the United Kingdom?

According to a Commission report, British residents wagered over £11.5 billion online lat Year. Every single pound of this was wagered legally. The UK is one of the most gambling-friendly regions in the world, so there’s no need to worry about trouble when gambling online.

The only industry which appears to be growing faster is bingo and to be honest this is a lot to do with review sites such as which bingo and diamond bingo who make it easy for players to find the best sites to play, bonuses and so on. It’s also a social game and the internet is all about social!

There are folks out there who will try and tell you otherwise. These people are to be ignored. Most of them have religious or puritanical agendas, and will scream bloody murder regardless of the law. Take it from the Gambling Commission itself: Britain’s best online casinos operate completely within the law, and you’re free to play at them as you wish.

Do All Online Casinos Accept UK Customers?

As a UK resident, you don’t have to worry about sign-up restrictions by nationality. Since online gambling is legal and regulated in the UK, most gambling sites have absolutely no problem accepting you as a customer.
Can I Play in Pounds at Online Casinos?

The vast majority of licensed remote operators will allow you to deposit and play casino games in GBP(£). Doing so helps you to avoid the stress of currency conversion, and helps to keep the gambling experience more genuine. When you sign up at a UK casino online, you’ll probably be asked to specify a main account currency. If you plan on playing in GBP, just select it from the currency options menu.

Note that some sites don’t require you to set a currency until you make your first deposit. So don’t worry if you don’t see a currency option on the sign-up screen. You’ll just choose it later.

How Do I Deposit at A UK Online Casino?

In order to play for real money, you’ll need to make a deposit into your betting account. You can do so via one of many approved deposit methods accepted at UK online casinos.

The easiest way to fund an account is with your credit card. Most casinos accept most cards, although some can be spotty at times. Credit card deposits are usually instant, provided there’s room on your card; this makes them the preferred deposit method for most UK gamblers.

Alternatively, you can use one of many UK-specific debit cards to fund an account. Most UK online casinos will accept your Solo, Delta, Maestro, or VISA Electron card as a deposit method. This is also a quick way to get cash online, and a great alternative to depositing via credit card.

As a UK resident, you’ve also got access to a wide variety of e-wallets. E-wallets are like virtual bank accounts you can transfer money into and out of on the fly. They are a quick and secure way to move money between online casinos, which is ideal for players who plan to play at more than one site. Paypal and Neteller are the most popular e-wallets available to UK players.

Finally, you can also deposit using various other methods. These tend to be slower and less convenient than the options listed above, but they work just the same in the end. Most UK online casinos accept paper cheques, bank draft, money orders, and bank wires. Beware of fees when using these deposit methods.

How Do I Withdraw From An Online UK Casino?

When you win big, it’s important to have quick access to your cash. Luckily, most British online casinos allow you to withdraw using the same services you use to deposit. See the section above for a full list.

Below are what we believe to be the best UK casinos and below that again is what we did to reach this conclusion.

Finding a good, honest and reputable online casino is actually a lot harder than you might first think. The big names you would expect to be squeeky clean are often those who are fined and sanctioned by the UK gambling commission for breaches of the terms and conditions. This doesn’t make them unsafe as such, but it des cast a shadow of doubt over how customers are treated when they blatantly fliut the laws and rules they are supposed to abide by.