Monopoly Slots Machine Review

Monopoly slots
The Monopoly slot game line-up is one of the largest series of slot machine games made, whether it’s the Monopoly online slots or Monopoly nickel games you play in Vegas.

This page offers game summaries for most of the Monopoly slot machine games currently on the market in addition to where you can play Monopoly slots online.

Monopoly Here and Now –Monopoly Here and Now slot is an  updated version of the classic slot game. The Monopoly Here and Now slot features symbols of a lucrative lifestyle including private jets, satellites and cell phones along with the classic Mr. Monopoly symbols.

The bonus round is similar to other versions of Monopoly slots, whereby you will roll the dice and move around the game board to collect your prizes. Unlike the original Monopoly slot machines, this game offers players a gamble feature on winning combinations.

Monopoly iPhone Slots – Are you looking for Monopoly slots for your iPhone or iPad. If so, no problem as most European casinos including Bet365 and Virgin Games offer Monopoly slots for mobile devices. The Monopoly iPhone slot game features three reels and nine paylines with a max jackpot of 5,000 x your bet. This game includes a special Monopoly iPhone slot bonus where you will receive a multiplier bonus when you hit a win on the central payline.

Monopoly: Your In The Money Slot – The monopoly slot game, Your In The Money is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot machine available online only and features. This version comes to life during the bonus round which you can trigger by hitting three or more bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Players can win up to 50 times with a 12,000 x bet payout. The biggest feature on this game is the Wilds. A wild is available at any time of the game. Mr Monopoly will show up randomly on the screen and trigger the Wild bonus at which point one, two, three, four or all five reels can turn into wilds.

Mega Jackpots Monopoly –MegaJackpots Monopoly is the progressive jackpot game to this series of online slots. The game is equipped with all the “Monopoly” pieces in addition to a minimum jackpot of 1.5 million dollars. The progressive can reach as much as $3 million. This game includes the “Pass Go” bonus in addition to 9 paylines and two progressives (major and minor). This version of Monopoly slots accepts bets as small as $0.05 with a max bet of $225.

Monopoly Pass Go Slot – The Monopoly Pass Go slot machine is the typical slot you will find at any Monopoly online casino. This game offers 9 paylines spread across five reels and includes a featured bonus round. The bonus round really is the reason players play this game. To activate the Monopoly Pass Go bonus round you need to collect three bonus symbols on an active payline.

Once triggered, a new screen will open, whereby you will be prompted to roll the dice and the outcome of the dice is equal to the number of roles you receive on the board game bonus. From there you will roll the dice and move around the board game. If you’re able to “Pass Go” you will collect an additional bonus (multipliers).

The bonus round can pay out considerably if you’re lucky enough to make it pass go a few times. Other unique features to this game include the community chest feature which you can win if you collect three community chest symbols.

Once triggered, the community chest boxes will shake and you will be asked to select from one of the three. Each box holds a different prize.

Monopoly Multiplier – The Monopoly Multiplier slot machine is a three reel slot with 27 ways to win. This game is similar to the Monopoly iPhone slot and requires players to hit three bonus round symbols on the center payline to activate the bonus round. The Monopoly Multipler slot machine gives players the ability to win up to 500 credits.

Monopoly Up Up and Away Slot – The Monopoly Up Up and Away slot machine is one of the newest Monopoly slot machines. This game is packed with bonuses, features and superb 3D graphics. There are seven different bonuses in this game including the Canon bonus which is activated when you collect three or more canon bonus symbols. Other features of the Monopoly Up Up and Away slot is the free spins feature where you can win up to 10 free spins, the “pick a box” using a blimp.

Monopoly Party Train slots – The Monopoly Party Train slot machine is the newest edition to WMS catalogue of games. Monopoly Party Train is equipped with many of the classic Monopoly game board traits.

This version offers a free spin bonus which is triggered by landing three or more “Bonus” symbols. Once triggered, players will receive two rolls of the dice which will move the game piece around the board and determine how many free spins they receive. From there players can win a second bonus when landing on one of the following;

• Reading Railroad: Higher board value
• Pennsylvania Railroad: 2 locked wild reels available on every spin
• B&O Railroad: up to 20X multiplier available on every spin
• Short Line Railroad: a 3rd dice roll to start the bonus is available

The move feature bonus will start players at the Go position. You can trigger this feature randomly on any spin and will move the player around the board and stop on a property. This feature awards one of the following mini-bonus games;

• Go, Just Visiting, Free Parking, Jail Bonus
• Community Cheat Feature
• Chance Feature
• Electric Company Bonus
• Water Works Bonus
• Park Place Bonus
• Boardwalk Bonus

Monopoly Planet Go Slot – The Monopoly Planet Go slot is another fun 3D slot machine offered in the Monopoly series of games. This version comes equipped with four featured bonus rounds, superb graphics and is available as a nickel slot, fifty cent slot and dollar slot. The Monopoly Planet Go slot machine is a space themed slot featuring Mr Monopoly, an interactive top box and a video style game where you can blast aliens and monsters. Unlike the traditional version of Monopoly slots, this game portrays the monopoly properties as planets. Game bonuses include; Space Bonus, Sector X Bonus, Planet Bonus, Space Station Bonus and Meteor Free Bonus.

Monopoly Bonus City Slot – The Monopoly Bonus City slot machine offers the interactive top box players love to win. This game is equipped with four bonus rounds in addition to mini bonuses and is packed with cutting edge graphics, fantastic animation and all of the “Monopoly” traits players have come to live. The Monopoly Bonus City slot machine features a pick a box bonus round in addition to free spins. Players can trigger the following mini bonus rounds during any of the main bonus games;

• Utility Spins – Dice roll awards three free spins
• Free Parking Spin – One free spin for Free Parking
• Community Chest – Pick a box for a free credit win
• Chance – Select the Chance card for a property win

Viva Monopoly – The Viva Monopoly slots game is a fun slot machine packed with bonus rounds. This game is available at select casinos in the United States, Canada and most of Europe.

Players will be able to win bonuses within bonuses which makes this game fast and fun. The first of the four bonus rounds available is the Mega Casino bonus which gives players the option to choose a jet to pick up casino patrons. When the jet lands, players will enter the casino and choose a slot machine to play.

You win credits based on the type of machine played. The second bonus round is the free spins bonus which awards up to 5 x multiplier in addition to locked wilds. Additional bonus rounds include the Limo Bonus, where you can select one of the four limos and the Big Money Roller Bonus.

Monopoly Super Grand Hotel – This is a five reel video slot available at brick and mortar casinos only and includes free spins, a bonus round, multipliers and all the typical Monopoly symbols.

The game is definitely one of the better versions out there and includes a Tycoon bonus round. The Tycoon bonus round is triggered when players hit 3 or more hotel symbols on a winning payline.

When you trigger this feature, the monopoly board will be activated and you will choose a railroad which is needed to transport up to 16 guests to the various hotels. You will then receive a complete set of property cards at which point you will choose five properties to place hotels on.

Now don’t think for a second you can pick “Boardwalk” or “Park Place” right off the hop. These cards are placed face down, so it’s all about luck if you get a match.

Once you’ve selected the last property, the hotel guests will run across the screen to the different properties. You win based on which hotel your guests choose and by completing a complete set of properties.

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