Mamma Mia Slot Review

Mamma Mia Slot review

The Mamma Mia slots game is the ultimate game if you enjoy free spins and plenty of bonus rounds. This game is equipped with not one or two bonus rounds – but four featured bonus rounds, giving you more chances to win.

Mamma Mia is based off of the Little Italy Pizzeria and comes with full animation, user options and 3D characters. If you’re looking for a game that is loaded with the “fun factor”, Mamma Mia slots is it!

Real Money Mamma Mia Slot Machine

Mamma Mia is available for free (look below for the no download game) or you can play it for real money at one of our recommended Betsoft Gaming Casinos. The game allows for bets as small as $0.02 up to $1 per coin and utilizes the “Bet Per Line” feature.

This allows you to increase your wager without having to increase the coin size. It also classifies this online slot machine as a high roller slot since the max bet is equal to $150 when betting $1 across all 30 pay lines and maxing out the bet per line feature. Additional wagers can be placed when using the Locked Wild feature (explained below).

Locked Wild Bonus Feature

When you open the game you’ll notice immediately that there are two separate “Bet Max” buttons as well as “Spin”. The buttons situated on the copper pots are the standard buttons you would use to play the game. If you want to go for the “Lock Wild” bonus feature you will need to use the yellow buttons directly below. The yellow “Spin” and “Bet Max” buttons qualify your spin for the Locked Wild bonus round.

When a wild symbol lands on any reel, it will automatically lock itself in place and you will be paid accordingly. Hit the yellow buttons again, and any subsequent wilds will lock as well. Players have the option to unlock any wild they wish, however you have to continue to bet using the yellow buttons to stay in this feature.

When you bet with the locked wild buttons, your bets will increase with your wins. For example, if you were to bet the max bet on a two cent wager and win, the amount of your locked wild spin will increase as well. The wager during this round depends on two different variables  – the number of wild symbols and their placement on the reels, as well as the amount of wins/wager.  It can definitely be profitable, however players should not try to chase all of the wilds to lock, as you will lose more in the long haul.

Free Spins Bonus Feature on Mamma Mia Slot Game

This online slot game offers a free spin feature although slightly different from your typical “free spins”. In order to trigger the free spins round, you must land on three or more of the chef’s specialty pizzas. Once done, a new window will open with the standard symbols replaced with pizza toppings. You will receive five free spins and each spin awards you with a different prize based on the topping. While you spin, the Chef is busy chopping away the foods to prep the pizza.

Mamma Mia Food Cover Feature

The Food Cover bonus feature is triggered when you land three or more covered dishes. Once triggered, you will be able to choose from the dishes to receive your free credits.

The Food Critic Bonus Round on Mamma Mia Slot Machine

And finally, we have the Food Critic bonus round. To win this feature you will need to land on three or more menus. Once triggered, you will need to decide what dish to prepare for the food critic. The end prize is determined on how well the dish was received.

So there you have it! A complete review of Mamma Mia slots including all of the featured bonus rounds, how to play, bets accepted on the real money game and even where this game is available online. Like I said, if you’re looking for an action packed, feature rich game – Mamma Mia is for you. Just be careful not to gamble too much on the Locked Wild feature.

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