Gladiator Slot Machine Review

Gladiator Slot

The Gladiator slot machine is another Betsoft creation packed with superb graphics and 3D animation. This five reel video bonus slot depicts the Roman era with the Roman princess, the Coliseum, and of course the legendary Gladiators. The 3D Gladiator slot machine offers a 15,000 x bet jackpot in addition to a battle where you will be able to select which Gladiator will come out on top.

How to Play the Gladiator Slot Game

The Gladiator slot game is very easy to play. The game accepts multiple denominations starting at $0.05 and increasing in increments of $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1. You can increase your bets using the “Choose Coin Bet” or the “Bet Per Line” buttons. The betting and spin options are located on the podiums as is the option to select your lines. Gladiator slots game offers 30 paylines with the ability to play 1, 2, 3 or any number up to 30.

Unique to only a handful of Betsoft slots is the ability to win in any direction. This means, you read the slot from left to right and right to left. While a combination may not hit on reels one and two, it can hit on reels four and five.

Bonus Features Available On Gladiator Slot Machine

The Gladiator slot machine offers four bonus features. Some are easier than others to hit, but they all award a free win of some sort. These bonus features include multiplier wilds, locked wilds, a battle feature and scatters.

Gladiator Slots Bonus Feature #1 – The Princess Wild Feature

If you are lucky enough to hit the princess symbol in first position on any reel, you will trigger the princess wild feature. Once triggered, the princess will drop rose petals to the reels below her. When a rose petal touches a symbol, the symbol automatically turns into a wild with a 2 x multiplier. This means that if you have a winning combination that includes a 2 x multiplier, your slot machine win is now doubled.

Gladiator Slots Bonus Feature #2 – Gladiator Smash Wild Reel

This bonus feature does payout quite a bit if you hit the right combinations. The Gladiator smash wild bonus feature is awarded when you hit the “Hero” Gladiator symbol in any position on reel three. Once triggered, a marble slab will cover the reel that you hit the feature on and the hero Gladiator will step out onto the screen. He will then proceed to smash the slab with his sword to reveal the locked wild. You will win additional credits if the locked wild is able to complete a winning combination.

Gladiator Slots Bonus Feature #3 – Click Me Instant Win Feature

The Click Me Instant Win is won when you land three or more door symbols on any active payline. Once triggered, the game will prompt you to select which door you want to open and reveal your prize. You can open and collect from as many doors as you like, however, once you hit the “Collect” door , the game ends.

Gladiator Slots Bonus Feature #4 – Prepare for Battle

A Gladiator online slot game wouldn’t be complete without a Gladiator battle with a scene taken from the 2000 Gladiator movie directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe. To hit this bonus feature you must collect the “Hero”, “Coliseum” and “Villain” symbols consecutively on the first, second and third reel or reels 2, 3 and 4.

Once triggered, a new screen will open whereby you will be presented with the battle option. Choose which Gladiator will win the battle between the Hero Gladiator and the Villain Gladiator. Once selected, watch the two Gladiators battle it out. You will win instant credits for every successful attack you make or attack you block. If your selection was correct and your able to knock out your opponent, you will receive an additional bonus.

Gladiator Winning Paylines and Combinations

  • Coliseum (scatter)– 5:15000, 4:3750, 3:300 (win on any payline)
  • Hero – 5:10,000, 4:1000, 3:250
  • Villain – 5:10,000, 4:1000, 3:250
  • Black Horse – 5:2500, 4:300, 3:100
  • Bag of Gold – 5:1000, 4:150, 3:50
  • Tiger – 5:4000, 4:400, 3:150
  • Sword and Shield – 5:5000, 4:500, 3:200
  • Shield and Flail – 5:5000, 4:500, 3:200
  • Roman Goblet – 5:100, 4:100, 3:25
  • Flag – 5:1500, 4:200, 3:75

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